Getting Our Glamp On

Now that we’ve launched our glawning AKA the Worlds Most Glamorous Awning, it’s time to take you on our glamping adventures via the medium of The Glawning Blog.  We’re thrilled with how the glawning has transformed our camping experiences and that’s why we’ve shared it with the world.  We get so many questions wherever we go about all aspects of the glawning so hopefully some of the answers will lie herein…

For the first time in about four months we had our first weekend without a VW show but couldn’t resist heading off with our glawning – just for us this time.  WARNING: If you purchase a glawning you WILL go camping more!  The camping season suddenly knows no bounds.

Within an hour we had set up (bunting, stove and fairy lights included) at Hooks House Farm, Robin Hoods Bay, on the hill with fog masking the supposedly stunning views that remained to be seen.

First stop – The Fylingdales Inn, simply because it was too late to start cooking and we couldn’t be bothered.  A great pub serving tasty (if not slightly pricey) food, a mere ten minute walk across yonder fields.

The morning broke with even more drizzle but, not to be deterred, or to break the habit of a lifetime, we continued as planned with our 6 mile walk to Whitby in the sideways rain with all views along the cliff path obscured.  Oh well, it only served to make our Senior Citizens Fish and Chip Special at the Quarterdeck even more heavenly.

The Number 91 bus back to the camp site was much more palatable than a six mile return leg so on we hopped..

The joy of getting that woodburning stove lit and the kettle boiling away on it is still unparalleled and we splayed out in front of the heat on our bean bags for a great night of our own eating and drinking as toasty as bugs in rugs, feeling a bit guilty and very sorry for other campers huddled around tiny BBQs, teeth chattering.  We wanted to invite them in but didn’t want to seem too weird. The stove burns beautifully when started off with a Cracklelog from Asda and then using Homebase Smokeless Heatlogs thereafter.  The flue draws all the fumes up really well and it’s a very pretty burner to look at – believe us, we’ve stared at it for hundreds of hours!

The next day we were packed up and off to Runswick Bay for a lovely pub lunch at the Royal Hotel in under an hour.

We put the glawning over the dining room table for a bit when we got home to dry it out as it doesn’t like being stored wet.  It’s never in its bag for long with us though…Next stop – Dubs In’t Dales this weekend at Camp Katur to chill with some more VW enthusiasts!

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