Checking in at The Chequers Inn

Ho ho ho! A quick review of our brief but needful winter getaway for a night at nearby Chequers Inn, Bishop Thornton, for the much anticipated HDVW Club Christmas Party.  We were more than a bit excited to be testing our new honey glow brown traveller stove AND the long awaited 5 metre glawning! This we did at the nice campsite attached to the Chequers Inn (£15 a night with hookup and toilet/shower facilities) as well as doing a bit of a festive photo shoot.  We arrived at the campsite in some lovely winter sun and proceeded to transform our glawning into Santa’s Grotto with lots of fairy lights and a wreath and even a wee Christmas tree thrown in.



It doesn’t take much to make your glawning into a home from home.  A few beanbags from Argos or some low profile folding chairs are great low level seating to dot around for reclining on.  Our cheap, battery operated fairy lights from Primark have been great at providing the right ambience. A few lanterns, throws and poufs from Matalan, an abundance of bunting and battery powered tea lights from Amazon and it really comes to life.  You can even go all out and get a tealight chandelier!

We don’t sell the coir matting yet but have found a website called Paulls Matting that does a similar version of what we cut to size for ours.

We are very pleased with the new 5m glawnings.  They are much roomier than the 4m so ideal for larger families, garden parties, longer trips, living in…?!  In every other way they are identical to the 4m so the same strong guy ropes, hardwood pegs, quality cotton canvas etc. They weigh 37.5kg all in, and retail at £949.


After having our VW mates in to warm their toes by the stove we took off to the Chequers Inn for a monumental three course carvery meal for £17.95 and lots of fun, ending the evening with a Jagerbomb or two.  As you do.

Job’s a good ‘un.

Happy Christmas from Glawning