Footage and Fotos of Stanford Hall VW Show 3rd May 2015

Spreading some glawning love in The Midlands…

Video time!

2015-05-02 20.37.48

Dusk has fallen and the Traveller Stove is glowing bright. Time to crack open the Merlot…

2015-05-02 18.13.21

We just love this funky wipe clean polypropylene matting from TK Maxx – different designs and only £14.99!

2015-05-02 20.46.04

Trevor the Trailer in the background with his new retro stripes courtesy of hubby

2015-05-02 21.06.38

Fairy lights central at Stand H7

2015-05-03 09.53.15 – ready to trade!

2015-05-03 09.53.23

We are now proud stockists of Paulls Matting – great coir matting half moons perfect for glawnings.

2015-05-03 10.11.06


2015-05-03 10.59.52

CUTE!! The torrential rain wasn’t stopping these two.

2015-05-03 11.49.42

Lots of interest in our unique two door bell tent awning at Stanford Hall VW Show

2015-05-03 11.58.16

Drawing the crowds

2015-05-03 11.58.28

Congrats to the three couples who are now new glawning owners after this show – we warmly welcome you!

2015-05-03 12.04.52

Cool storage boxes for campervans for in between the front seats – want one!

2015-05-03 14.12.08

Guarding the glawning

2015-05-03 17.48.51

Lovely Alfie now has a 5m glawning of his very own – much bigger than this one!

2015-05-03 15.25.05

Home Time


A Glamptastic Easter at Gillside Farm, Glenridding

2015-04-05 14.12.512015-04-04 11.01.17
With four whole days off work for the bank holiday weekend the lions share inevitably went to glamping it up with our glawning.  Or ‘market research’ as we like to call it.
We chose the Lake District this time and it didn’t disappoint. The jackpot was well and truly hit with the weather and we found ourselves in the throes of a British heatwave with a shared sense of vitamin D-induced camaraderie that knew no bounds.
Gillside Farm camping and caravan site was where we spent all four nights – book well in advance for bank holidays if you want hook up (like, four months in advance) otherwise it’s first come first served on the camping field which is fine.  £8 per adult then the usual minimal charges for bringing vehicle/awning/tent/dog/unicorn.  The shower toilet block is baltic but they’re not wrong about those piping hot showers (20p and you get ages).  There’s even a breakfast van on weekends serving wonderful bacon and egg butties, amongst other things, and you just know these eggs have been freshly plopped by the free ranging farm hens that very morning.
The site lies very handily at the foot of Helvellyn, and is a mere five minute stroll alongside a stream into Glenridding with its pubs, cafes and touristy activities. Half an hours drive away are the fun filled mountain biking trails of Whinlatter Forest.
Numerous other attractions lie within easy reach if you don’t break down like our camper ‘Jemima’ did.  Our sincere thanks to Keswick Motor Company and Chambers Garage Ltd for their towing skills and super customer service…
The Ullswater Steamer up and down the lake is worth a jaunt.  You can pay an extra £1.50 to take your bike on board so we did and found a brilliant mountain bike ride from Howtown taking in Pooley Bridge and some perfect flowing single track.
There are some great pubs around, although the advent of the glawning has drastically changed our whole camping/pub relationship – pre-glawning we’d be in the nearest pub by 6pm every evening to keep warm and then back to the campervan only to sleep – this time we just about managed to force ourselves out of the cosy fireside luxury of our glam awning for two evenings and as a result can highly recommend the Travellers Rest and the Ratchers Tavern.  Friendly service and no frills mega portions await you. There was even live music at the Travellers Rest over the bank holiday period. On the other two nights we lit our Traveller Stove and settled in for the night to bask in its heat, drink our own booze and cook up a curry on the hot plate.
We climbed Helvellyn (almost) – don’t make the mistake of approaching it via Swirral or Striding Edge if you’re a) scared of heights or b) not equipped with cramp ons and ice picks for the snowy parts…you’ll end up having to turn back and choose an alternative route.  The Information Centre in Glenridding is good for checking conditions at the top before you go. James had mountain biked to the summit the day before via Sticks Pass as some kind of self-induced he-man stunt so at least one of us got there.
So, even though Jemima had to be towed home it was a fantastic mini break and felt great to be kick starting the camping season as we mean to go on – beer, bunting and balminess.
2015-04-02 19.09.212015-04-02 19.03.13
2015-04-03 15.20.172015-04-03 18.57.52
2015-04-04 12.26.212015-04-04 15.04.552015-04-04 15.34.392015-04-05 11.07.432015-04-05 11.39.012015-04-05 12.24.222015-04-05 15.20.102015-04-05 19.00.292015-04-05 19.23.072015-04-05 16.13.522015-04-05 11.15.202015-04-04 10.55.592015-04-04 10.57.322015-04-05 09.44.122015-04-02 19.03.072015-04-03 18.40.302015-04-06 11.48.18

Checking in at The Chequers Inn

Ho ho ho! A quick review of our brief but needful winter getaway for a night at nearby Chequers Inn, Bishop Thornton, for the much anticipated HDVW Club Christmas Party.  We were more than a bit excited to be testing our new honey glow brown traveller stove AND the long awaited 5 metre glawning! This we did at the nice campsite attached to the Chequers Inn (£15 a night with hookup and toilet/shower facilities) as well as doing a bit of a festive photo shoot.  We arrived at the campsite in some lovely winter sun and proceeded to transform our glawning into Santa’s Grotto with lots of fairy lights and a wreath and even a wee Christmas tree thrown in.



It doesn’t take much to make your glawning into a home from home.  A few beanbags from Argos or some low profile folding chairs are great low level seating to dot around for reclining on.  Our cheap, battery operated fairy lights from Primark have been great at providing the right ambience. A few lanterns, throws and poufs from Matalan, an abundance of bunting and battery powered tea lights from Amazon and it really comes to life.  You can even go all out and get a tealight chandelier!

We don’t sell the coir matting yet but have found a website called Paulls Matting that does a similar version of what we cut to size for ours.

We are very pleased with the new 5m glawnings.  They are much roomier than the 4m so ideal for larger families, garden parties, longer trips, living in…?!  In every other way they are identical to the 4m so the same strong guy ropes, hardwood pegs, quality cotton canvas etc. They weigh 37.5kg all in, and retail at £949.


After having our VW mates in to warm their toes by the stove we took off to the Chequers Inn for a monumental three course carvery meal for £17.95 and lots of fun, ending the evening with a Jagerbomb or two.  As you do.

Job’s a good ‘un.

Happy Christmas from Glawning

Getting Our Glamp On

Now that we’ve launched our glawning AKA the Worlds Most Glamorous Awning, it’s time to take you on our glamping adventures via the medium of The Glawning Blog.  We’re thrilled with how the glawning has transformed our camping experiences and that’s why we’ve shared it with the world.  We get so many questions wherever we go about all aspects of the glawning so hopefully some of the answers will lie herein…

For the first time in about four months we had our first weekend without a VW show but couldn’t resist heading off with our glawning – just for us this time.  WARNING: If you purchase a glawning you WILL go camping more!  The camping season suddenly knows no bounds.

Within an hour we had set up (bunting, stove and fairy lights included) at Hooks House Farm, Robin Hoods Bay, on the hill with fog masking the supposedly stunning views that remained to be seen.

First stop – The Fylingdales Inn, simply because it was too late to start cooking and we couldn’t be bothered.  A great pub serving tasty (if not slightly pricey) food, a mere ten minute walk across yonder fields.

The morning broke with even more drizzle but, not to be deterred, or to break the habit of a lifetime, we continued as planned with our 6 mile walk to Whitby in the sideways rain with all views along the cliff path obscured.  Oh well, it only served to make our Senior Citizens Fish and Chip Special at the Quarterdeck even more heavenly.

The Number 91 bus back to the camp site was much more palatable than a six mile return leg so on we hopped..

The joy of getting that woodburning stove lit and the kettle boiling away on it is still unparalleled and we splayed out in front of the heat on our bean bags for a great night of our own eating and drinking as toasty as bugs in rugs, feeling a bit guilty and very sorry for other campers huddled around tiny BBQs, teeth chattering.  We wanted to invite them in but didn’t want to seem too weird. The stove burns beautifully when started off with a Cracklelog from Asda and then using Homebase Smokeless Heatlogs thereafter.  The flue draws all the fumes up really well and it’s a very pretty burner to look at – believe us, we’ve stared at it for hundreds of hours!

The next day we were packed up and off to Runswick Bay for a lovely pub lunch at the Royal Hotel in under an hour.

We put the glawning over the dining room table for a bit when we got home to dry it out as it doesn’t like being stored wet.  It’s never in its bag for long with us though…Next stop – Dubs In’t Dales this weekend at Camp Katur to chill with some more VW enthusiasts!

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